• Happy SUPERBOWL! This is the EASIEST way to tailgate - Fits your fridge, RV, boat & cooler.

    The original #Snacklebox
  • Seal up to 12 separate items under ONE LID.

    Transport, Serve & Store in ONE Box!

    Watch the video below to see how these sections are all interchangeable!

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    The Tailgater Box is a modular system you can use daily. ONE lid seals each piece separately.


    Party in style with a container system that makes sense of your space.


    OF COURSE - your own team colors!


    The Tailgater Box is in final stages of development, opt-in for a full 22 pc set at a pre-market

    price below suggested retail of $45.00. Your email is private and will not be shared.


  • An easy way to take the party, fast to clean up!

    Do you feel the same pain?


    Are you absolutely frustrated when you are taking food on the road and have a mess of containers? When you open the cooler and have to dig through floating bottles to find the salsa? You're the one I created The Tailgater Box for! Whether Happy Hour on the boat, Picnic with the kids or Tailgating, you'll find this useful in so many ways - the options are endless!

    image from 100 Days of Real Food

    Chaos in the cooler


    A jumble of items in the cooler make it hard to find things, difficult to know what you have with - don't miss an ingredient. Less Mess!


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    Mis-matched containers


    Mis-matched containers are not easy to store, too many lids to open, and allow alot of wasted space.



  • Tailgater - More fun on the run!

    From the fridge to the table, boat, RV or cooler, the Tailgater Box will become a system you use daily. Save time, money and the environment by utilizing a container system that makes sense of your space. The grid format and modular containers take up less space both in and out of your cooler. Soon you'll find it replacing all your food containers!

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    Multiple items - one container


    Whether at home or on the go, you can take multiple items quickly and easily in one cake pan sized container. And they stack!

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    ONE lid seals everything!


    Open up to 12 containers at once, as each are individually sealed under just one lid. All your ingredients available, easy access for young and old.

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    It's a cutting board


    Away from home? This cutting board lid is perfect for last minute prep. The "feet" on the lid keep the grid surface clean.

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    Stack, nest, snap


    Each piece snaps into place, allowing the lid grid to seal it shut!  Stack in the fridge, nest when storing, and bonus - all are BPA free.

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    Pieces can be used alone

    All containers stack (and snap together) when used on their own. This is truly a system, allows endless choices for how to use it, Pizza, Tacos, Tailgating, etc!

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    Space saving!

    When not in use, ALL your containers, and lids can store in a small space. 100's of containers can be stored in one box. These are prototype images only,

  • What makes Prep & Serve different? Open ONE lid to access 2 to 12 containers!

    Watch the VIDEO

    • ONE LID seals everything

    • Mix & match pieces

    • Use less cupboard space

    • Use individual pieces too!

    • Dishwasher safe, BPA free

    Put together a meal lightning fast!

  • About the developer

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    Marjorie Weir

    Creative catalyst, former bar and restaurant owner, cake baker and designer, I really believe thoughtful design contributes to better living.


    Frustrated by all the different shapes and sizes of containers and their lids, I truly believe this system solves endless storage issues. This is a cross - platform format that can be used for cooking, diet, measured meals, crafts, anywhere you want to gather and take various items.

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    Meal Prep and planning


    Interview with Robert Bear on

    Invention Stories Podcast 10/18


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    Commercial Version





    Marj Weir